On last thurs slid in ditch during snow Storm.

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On last thurs slid in ditch during snow storm, got it out and drove home. On saturday they took car and it would not stay running. Towed home, checked out thought it was fuel pump. Would start driving down road at 10 miles /hr. Noticed cruise control light came on and that fan speed switch would not work. Then the car would quit running. After sitting 10-20 min would start again, and run about 10-20 min and cruise control light and fan not working it would quit running. While sitting in drive if I turn ignition on I can hear fuel pump relay and auto shut off relay clicking under hood. Disconnected electrical harness to fuel pump and it still does it. Someone said it was engine control module put new one in and still does it any ideas.
Friday, December 28th, 2012 AT 7:00 PM

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Did you get snow in the engine compartment? If so, start by checking the serpentine drive belt. Sounds like the alternator isn't working. If the belt is okay, measure the battery voltage with a digital voltmeter while the engine is running. It must be between 13.75 and 14.75 volts. You know the Engine Computer didn't go bad from sliding into the ditch. Chrysler has very little trouble with them, but you've introduced some new variables by replacing it. Most importantly, it's likely not going to idle fast enough and will start hard and will stall when you pull up to a stop sign. If the engine stalls while you're driving at higher speeds, and won't restart until it cools down for half an hour, that's a different issue. For that you would start by reading any stored diagnostic fault codes, but those would have been erased and that valuable information was lost when the computer was unplugged. You'll have to hope the problem will be detected if it occurs again and the code(s) will set again.
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Saturday, December 29th, 2012 AT 11:40 AM

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