1995 Buick Riviera



March, 20, 2013 AT 3:48 PM

My Trunk open button on door panal and my Stock CD player stopped working at the same time a disk CD is stuck in player as it went off (no lights) and when I tried to pop the trunk to get at tools etc. That button was also dead (nothing happens when I push it) so I believe the 2 are connected. Earler this year 2013 my horn stoped woking and fuse was OK so I directlly wired it to a button I put in the dash on right side of steering wheel. The car is a 1995 with just over 1000000 miles on can anyone help me?


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November, 16, 2013 AT 9:11 AM

Hello I would start by checking my fuses again. It might be on the same circuit. After that I would check the grounds in the door, the radio and the battery. Next I would take a test light to see if these circuts have power. Might be good to take to ur local shop. Wiring issues are a lot of times tricky to diag.

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