How do I remove the dash to replace heater core.

  • 1995 BMW 540I
  • 245,432 MILES
How do I remove the dash to replace heater core on my 95 BMW 540i?
Sunday, March 24th, 2013 AT 2:09 AM

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1. Drain engine coolant.

2. Disconnect three heater hoses from rear bulkhead in engine compartment.
NOTE: Clear any remaining coolant from the heater core by blowing compressed air into the coolant return hose (hose closest to the passenger side).

3. Remove center console and glove box.
4. Disconnect harness connectors from left and right heater core temperature sensors. See Heater core temperature sensor, replacing. See: Heater Core Temperature Sensor / Switch Service and Repair
5. On cars with IHKR I and IHKA, unclip air distribution motor from right side of heater housing. See Air distribution motors, replacing. See: Air Door Air Door Actuator / Motor Service and Repair
6. Remove rear air distribution tube from front of heater housing.
7. Cut wire ties holding wire harness to front of heater housing and move wiring harness out of way.

8. Remove clips, nuts and screws (arrows ) from heater housing cover.
NOTE: If necessary, unbolt bowden cable(s) and separate from front heater housing cover

9. Remove heater pipes from heater core by removing bolts (arrows ).
10. Remove heater core by lifting out from right side.
11. Installation is reverse of removal. Fill and bleed cooling system. Use new 0-rings when mounting the pipes to the heater core.
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