1994 Volvo 850



February, 23, 2011 AT 4:32 PM

I had my head gasket replaced last June. Almost 3 weeks ago I took my car into the shop because it over heated and I was pretty sure it was a head gasket problem. I called just about everyday to hear news about my car but they gave me the run around. I have been VERY loyal to this shop, pretty much had my keys on retainer. After 2 weeks of getting put on the back burner I had to grab some stuff from my car, so I went down there and my car was in the back lot and snow piled on it like it had not been moved since I had it towed there. I was a little ****ed since they had told me they did some pressure tests on it. I could see that was a lie. Well, after calling and getting them to finally get it in the shop, he told me it was the head gasket and that it would cost me $1,200 to repair. I said I had that replaced in June. He began to tell me that he would lower it to $800, I said that I've been without my car for weeks and again said you guys replaced the head gasket last june. He gives me his final offer, I pay half of labor and he pays for parts, which comes to $600 from me. I said OK if they get it done in a few days and not week(s). Well, it has been a week and I'm getting annoyed with it and have not heard anything back from them.
Do I need to tell them they need to replace this at their cost? They have had my car for almost a month. Should I contact BBB? Should I pay with Credit card and drive off and call my Credit card company to stop payment? I don't want to do the last, but this is getting out of hand. Thanks for the replies.
They told me that a hose was the problem for the head to fail, isn't that a hose that should have been replaced when I got the head replaced in June?


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February, 23, 2011 AT 5:11 PM

I think the shop is being very generous with what they have offered. Head gaskets let go because something else triggers an overheat and it's not shut down in time. It's the extreme heat than causes the head gasket damage. This is 8 months after your repair and it's not their fault the hose failed. If it was a week later, that would be a different story.



February, 24, 2011 AT 12:09 AM

It all worked out.

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