Have a Corolla 1

  • 126,000 MILES
Have a Corolla 1.3XLI 93mod. With 4E-FE engine. Km. St: approx. 203000

For approx. 1mnd since it began suddenly to cheat during rapid acceleration. This only occurs from idle up to approx. 2000 rev over 2000 rpms it works just fine. So I have big problems to start again at traffic lights, hills and when I have to stop in front of roundabouts.
I must think quite gently on the gas pedal that I at all to get me started again or get it over 2000 rpm, but it is almost the end of the clutch

I hear it runs a little rough at idle, seems like the wrong turns sometimes but it is very small.
There comes a whistling sound from the pvc valve that is between the top cover and intake, have tried to connect from but it changed nothing. There is also a gray plastic valve mount on the left side of the air intake, this is a violent ticking sound, almost like valve ticking. When I throttle vacuum hose that runs from the bottom of this valve and intake drops idle and ticking sound disappears.

Things that I have changed and checked: changed oil / filter, air filter, fuel filter, belts, plugs and Benefits cap. Controlled plug wires, ok. Checked and adjusted tps sensor, ok. Controlled access to all connectors in the engine compartment. Debugged starting gas, no false air. Battery and Charging checked, ok. In connection with a recent EU control was replaced a breather hose on the fuel tank and seal the lambda sensor.

When I installed new plugs so it was a little better, but this only lasted a few days. I have now checked the plugs again, to me it seems they are a bit light in color (light mix), especially in the center electrode. All the plugs are the same color.

Can also add that I have a small coolant leak in the plant cell to the radiator, but this is so small, top max 2-3dl a month. The only thing I have experienced is that the temp gauge was passing almost to 0 and after a while went back to normal and there you have it every stable recently.

It was a bit much this but hope someone understands what I have written and can come with some good tips / advice. Do I have tried everything soon and the car is a hassle to drive as it is now.

Thanks in advance))

Small update: I look in the Haynes book that the opening of the plugs should be 0.043inch = 1.092mm, can this be right? The plugs are now 0.8mm, this may be the problem. Have not tried to adjust the even, 1.092mm sounds a little far out for me

Sorry about my poor english:)
Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 9:51 PM

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The plugs should be gapped at 1.1 mm.

System seems to be running lean. Have you tested the fuel pressure?
Check for vacuum leaks between
Is vehicle equipped with EGR?
Was this
Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 AT 9:08 PM

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