1993 Plymouth Acclaim



May, 12, 2011 AT 8:42 PM

I have no signal to fuel injector. Ground the hall effect switch get spark and fuel injector ! Changed everything under hood except ECM ! I get the prime squirt of gas but at cranking nothing ! ASD is good got power to fuel injector ! Checked wire on injector back to ECM good ! Checked wires from hall EFF. To computer good ! Got fuel presure ! Can soak a rag in gas throw on top of TBI and it will run as smooth as silk ! I just have no signsl to injector to pulse it !What dosnt make since is that if you ground hall effect that you get a spark and a pulse to injector but when you connect it back up and try to crank it you get the prime then nothing !


2 Answers



May, 13, 2011 AT 12:29 AM

I suppose you could leave it grounded till you figure it out?



May, 13, 2011 AT 2:08 AM

Learn the system ASD supplys the 12 volts ECM AKA computer then supplys ground to make it work ! So leaving it grounded would do what ! LoL

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