1992 Toyota fuel injection problem

  • 4 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 140,000 MILES

After replacing the engine in my Toyota 4x4 pickup when trying to start the engine the cylinders will fill up with fuel and not start. If I remove the E.F.I. Fuse the engine will idle but not rev If I tap the fuse across the E.F.I. Fuse position the engine will rev and sounds great. If I leave the fuse in, the engine will flood out and stall I have removed the cold star injector and replaced the fuel pressure regulator I Think the P.C.M. Is the problem any Ideas!

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 AT 5:40 AM

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Use a scan tool, or
1. Short terminals of Check Engine connector or service connector (depending on model) with suitable jumper wire. Make
the jumper connection between terminals E1 and TE1. Some Check Engine diagnostic connectors are round and are located
under the instrument panel. Others are rectangular and are usually located in the engine compartment.
2. Turn the ignitiion ON. Trouble codes will be indicated by flashes of the Check Engine light. Count the flashes to determine
the code. If more than one code is present, codes will be separated by a long pause. Codes will continue to repeat as long
as the jumper connection remains in the diagnostic connector.
NOTE: If the light flashes on and off 4 times a second, there are no codes.
When a fault is first detected, a code is temporarily stored in the computer's memory. If the same problem is detected again
during a second trip, the Check Engine light will come on. In order for this mode to store codes, the ignition switch must be
turned OFF between the first and the second test.
1. Make sure the battery voltage is at least 11 volts, the throttle is fully closed, the transmission is in neutral and all
accessories are off.
2. Use a jumper wire to connect terminals E1 and TE2 on the diagnostic connector, then turn the ignition ON. The Check
Engine lamp should illuminate. NOTE: Test mode may not be entered if terminals TE2 and El are shorted after ignition
switch is turned ON
3. Start engine and drive vehicle at 10 mph or higher. If vehicle is not driven vehicle speed signal code 42 and 43 may be
4. Simulate driving conditions that originally set code (if possible).
5. Turn vehicle off, remove jumper wire. The rejump terminals E1 and TE1 to read any codes that were set during the test
Disconnect the computer fuse for 10 seconds, or use a scan tool to clear codes.
Post all codes here. You may need a PCM or ther could be a short in the injector harness, Ohm all the wires in the haness.

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