1992 Mazda b2200



July, 31, 2011 AT 11:37 PM

Mazda B2200 1992 Truck. Trying to figure out which container is for brake fluid. Thanks! Not sure if it is 4 or 6 cylindar


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August, 1, 2011 AT 12:00 AM

There should be a reservoir right on top of the master cylinder at the rear of the engine compartment on the driver's side.



August, 1, 2011 AT 12:07 AM

STOP! Be absolutely sure you have the right one. Ask, if necessary, for someone to point it out. Don't guess.

Why are you looking for it? Is there a problem with the brakes? The fluid will not be full and no one is going to top it off during other routine service. It has to do with replacing the front disc brake pads when they are worn out. At that time the pistons are pressed back into the calipers to make room for those new pads, and that will push a lot of fluid back up into the reservoir. The level will go down again over time as the pads wear down.

It is absolutely critical that nothing be put in the brake fluid other than brake fluid. Any hint of petroleum product such as engine oil, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid will destroy ALL of the rubber parts that contact the brake fluid. That repair will be very expensive. It will definitely cost more to repair than most 19 year old cars are worth. I'm glad you asked first.

Here's a picture from rockauto. Com that shows what the master cylinder looks like. It sits under the hood near the rear edge, right in front of where the driver sits. You can see through the white reservoir. If there's some fluid in there, nothing else needs to be done. If you do add any fluid, be sure it's from a clean sealed container, and screw the cap back on right away. Brake fluid loves to suck moisture out of the air. That will lower its boiling point to where you could get brake fade, and it will promote corrosion of metal parts.

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