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How to replace water pump on a 1993 lexus ls

Saturday, November 13th, 2010 AT 9:57 PM

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Here are the procedures.


1. Drain cooling system. Remove timing belt. Remove right ignition coil. Disconnect coolant hose from coolant inlet housing.

2. Remove retaining bolts and separate coolant inlet housing and "O" ring from water pump. Remove retaining bolts/nuts and water pump. Remove "O" ring from coolant by-pass pipe which fits into rear of water pump.

Ensure sealing surfaces are clean. Install NEW "O" ring on coolant by-pass pipe. Lubricate "O" ring with soapy water solution.

2. Apply a.08-.12" (2.0-3.0 mm) diameter bead of sealant on mounting surface at rear of water pump. Install water pump. Ensuring water pump engages over coolant by-pass pipe. Tighten
fasteners to specification.

3. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Fill and bleed cooling system.


1. Remove coolant inlet housing plug and gasket, located near thermostat housing and upper radiator hose. Add coolant through coolant inlet housing plug opening until coolant level reaches plug opening.

2. Install NEW gasket and coolant inlet housing plug. Tighten coolant inlet housing plug to specification. Add coolant to coolant reservoir
until reservoir is full. Install coolant reservoir cap.

3. Start engine. Place heater temperature control in maximum heat position. Operate engine at 2000 RPM until engine is warm.

4. Allow engine to idle. Once coolant level in reservoir drops, remove coolant reservoir cap. Add coolant to coolant reservoir (if necessary). Install coolant reservoir cap.

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