My car is a 1991 Toyota Camry all trac dx and.

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Hi my car is a 1991 Toyota Camry all trac dx and I'm getting a weird sound coming from my car. When I am driving sometimes at around 30 mph but usually always at 60 to about 65 my car will get louder. Also while accelerating and decelerating my are makes a almost scraping like noise. I thought maybe it was the transmission I had put it in neutral while driving thinking maybe it wouldn't may that noise. It sounds as if its coming from my rear passenger side. Could it maybe be my fuel pump. The sound could be coming out of the tailpipe to but I'm not sure about that.
Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 AT 11:46 PM

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It is not your Fuel Pump.

Could be a myriad of problems; including low transmission fluid; bearing failure occurring in the differential; cv joints having a problem, etc.

You need to get it up on a lift and have fluid levels checked (if it is damaged because of worn out/ or low fluid - adding fluid won't fix it); suspension checked; drive shafts checked; etc.

If a friend has a lift - sign up for alldata; or purchase a good condition used FACTORY manual from books4cars. Com or take it to a Toyota dealer. (Diagnostics - figuring out what is WRONG is only about $136 total including taxes and shop towels in Seattle).

Serious noises like these need to be FIXED asap; or you might soon be losing a WHEEL; and dragging the rear end of your car down the freeway - modifying the body shape in not a good way; and hopefully not causing an accident in the process. Some things definitely should not be ignored.
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Friday, February 1st, 2013 AT 4:09 AM

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