1989 Toyota Corolla



October, 19, 2010 AT 2:40 AM

1989 Toyota Corolla  mileage: 125,500. I found a little trick to help me pry out a stubborn passenger-side drive axle from the 3 speed automatic transmission of my 89 Corolla. Unfortunately, I'm now having trouble installing the new one. The axle makes it past the seal and I can feel it contact the gear inside the transmission. While holding the drive axle in place, I slowly rotate it while maintaining a firm and constant pressure until I feel the spline on the axle match up with the gear in the transmission. At this point, I try to push the shaft in, but it just won't go. I can see no foreign objects in the pathway. I cannot see any damaged splines. There is no key way forcing the shaft to go in only one way. I don't want to damage any bearings or splines etc, so I'm reluctant to try the hammer. However, I don't have the body strength to just push the axle back in place. Could you give me any hints as to how to install the new drive axle in my Corolla?


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October, 18, 2010 AT 7:57 PM

Remove the axle assembly and inspect the wire snap ring on the end of the assembly. If it has been stretched out of shape and is hanging loose, it will prevent you from putting the axle in. Remove the snap ring and reshape it so that it is not hanging loose on the axle assembly. Then you should be able to install the axle assembly.

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