I've had my Benz for 3 weeks now

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  • 1989 MERCEDES BENZ 300E
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I've had my Benz for 3 weeks now. First it had a slow start and sometimes I had to jump it off. Last week I took it to a Benz Mechanic. He stuck a allen wrench down in the middle of the air filter and adjusted the air/fuel ratio, I guess. It seemed to be Idling ok, so when I pulled out to leave the car would choke out in about 3 minutes. I went back and he said he did not have time to work on it. I finally got it home. The next day I put new plugs in the car and it ran better than ever that whole day and the next morning. Now it is choking out again just like it was. I plan to change the fuel filter tomorrow. Any Ideas? It is my only car.

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Sunday, March 17th, 2013 AT 11:03 PM

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What the mechanic adjusted is known as aiflow plate sensor, it is a very delicate plate it usually take 3 minutes for it to adjust, The problem is this plate is balanced, carbon contamination false air leak throw out this balance, Here is what you can do remove the airfilter cover there is the throttle plate push it down does it come up readily? If it does not This is what is choking the vehicle, Use carburetor cleaner a little at a time but you need to start the vehicle in between the cleaning process, with the air cleaner back on.

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Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 10:13 PM

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