1989 Isuzu Trooper



February, 13, 2011 AT 11:23 PM

I have an 88 trooper, 4cyl, FI, whose engine was overheated, cooked the rings and warped the head. I rebuilt the engine and replaced the head.
With the crank timing mark at 0° and the cam sprocket notch at the arrow, and the distributor at middle of adjustment range, and using a timing light, I get spark exactly on the mark, but the injectors aren't working.
The fuel pump is new and works well.
With the cam sprocket advanced two teeth, I get fuel injected but the distributor has to be at maximum retardation for the engine to run, and it runs rough and sluggishly.
I also note that while the main engine relay feeds fuse #8, 10, #11 & #12, these are not live when the key is on.
The chilton manual really lacks a whole lot for eletrical schematics, and has numerous errors.
Can you help?
I'd also like to find a manual on the theory of operation for the fuel system components.


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February, 14, 2011 AT 12:39 AM

The distributor is ran off the crankshaft. Are your sure your not off a tooth? That could give the same symptoms that you are describing.



February, 14, 2011 AT 1:39 AM

It's a SOHC and the distributer runs off the geared end of the camshaft. The front end has the sprocket for the timing belt.
But to your question, with the crank and cam properly placed, and the distributer timed, the fuel injectors are not working.
If I deliberately misalign the cam then the FI's work.
I'm afraid that was not a good answer.

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