Last winter when I used the heater I sometimes.

  • 1988 MAZDA MX6
  • 269,000 MILES
Last winter when I used the heater I sometimes noticed an antifreeze smell. This winter apparently the heater core sprung a big leak because when I first noticed it, half the floor was wet but I didn't realize at the time why. Well now its time for the car to go to the shop for appointment made 3 wks ago and I'm checking my fluids under the hood and find out the radiator is a qt low. I add the water, start the car to warm it up and run the heat on high to warm the cab for the drive. After a bit I shut it off and then when ready to leave, by mere chance, I noticed the passenger floor and mat are litterally standing in water. Now for my question, I have no way to tow my car, I know that the heater core can be bypassed but I dont really know the first thing about reaching and removing those hoses and with a bad back I dont want to attempt it.--So if I refill my radiator, and put the heater control on off with the temp all the way over to the cold side and fan off. Can I drive the car to the shop or will I still lose water thru the bad core?
Thank You Much as this is stressing me out.
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 AT 8:40 AM

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You would still lose coolant even if the heater valve is closed as the return hose from heater core is open at all times. Close the heater valve and clamp the return hose if you have sufficient length of heater hose to be clamped.
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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 AT 9:49 AM

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