I'm looking to buy a 1988 Convertible Ford.

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I'm looking to buy a 1988 Convertible Ford Mustang, 4 cylinder. Wondering if you have any idea if my insurance would skyrocket? It's a 4 cylinder so I'm hoping not.

Also, it needs a muffler. How much would that cost?
Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 AT 2:34 AM

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You aren't likely to be able to get collision insurance due to the age of the car, and in the case of my '88 minivan, I don't want it. Same with comprehensive coverage, (hail, tree branches, etc). You'll pay more for the premiums that what you'd be able to collect. The biggest factor in liability insurance is your age, driving record, and type of car. A four-cylinder is to your benefit. A Ford is not. They have a very poor track record with steering and suspension parts failures leading to loss of control and crashes, but that applies more to their front-wheel-drive products. A convertible will cost more because of the reduced safety in a crash.

The exhaust system can be handled at a Midas-type place but be prepared for them to tell you a lot more is needed than just the muffler. The cost depends on what else is needed and the quality. The original muffler for my Grand Caravan lasted 16 years because it was made of stainless steel. A replacement from the dealer would have cost $180.00. The replacements I bought cost 45 bucks and all three lasted only two years. One was cheaper. One would have been a better value.
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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 AT 2:54 AM

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