How To Install Repair Replace Ignition Key Lock.

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How To Install Repair Replace Ignition Key Lock Cylinder. Thanks so much.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 AT 3:15 PM

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Disassembly (Tilt Steering Column)

1. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove steering column from vehicle. See STEERING COLUMN SWITCHES in this section. Remove tilt lever.
2. Remove hazard warning knob and ignition key light. Remove wiper switch knob. Remove wiper switch tube mounting screws. Remove wiper switch tube. Rotate shaft fully clockwise.
3. Remove shaft by pulling straight out on shaft. Carefully remove plastic cover from lock plate. Using Compressor ( J 23653), remove lock plate retaining ring from shaft. See Fig. 1 .
4. Remove lock plate, canceling cam and upper bearing spring. Remove turn signal switch and actuator arm. Place ignition lock cylinder in "LOCK" position.
5. Using a thin screwdriver, depress ignition lock cylinder tab retainer. See Fig. 2 . Remove ignition lock cylinder. Remove housing cover from column.

Fig. 2: Removing Lock Cylinder (Typical)

Fig. 3: Removing Tilt Spring
note you dont' have to remove column to fix this also when installing new key lock, line up rectangular area in steering column and turn key to start to install.

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