1987 Chevrolet Celebrity



June, 4, 2011 AT 1:38 AM

I’m getting extremely frustrated with my 1987 Chevy Celebrity V6!

Here’s the issue… The car starts as it should and idles normal. After letting the car warm up for about 10-15 minutes and then taking it for a drive at about no more than 40 mph the problems start.

When giving the car gas after driving about 3 or 4 minutes it gets sluggish when giving it gas like it wants to stop on me. After cautiously continuing to drive for about another minute or so things really get bad. At this point when slowing down to approach an intersection or stopping at a red light the car stalls on me.

This is like the 7th time this has happened to me and it’s recurring so I’m refraining from driving it at this point. If I try to start it back over it will turnover but almost instantly die back out. After letting the car cool for about 3-5 hours I can start it back up to get it back up the street to my house while still experiencing the same sluggishness and keeping faith that it can make the few extra yards to get in my driveway.

There are no lights on the dash that would indicate where I should begin to look (i.E. Check engine light, brake, overheating). Here’s the kicker I’ve kicked out a couple hundred to try and attack the problem going through a catalog of what might be the issue.

This includes getting the idle air control valve replaced about two weeks ago. After test driving to see if the problem was fixed I was met with the same challenge so I can rule that out.

I then replaced the air filter thinking it could be that simple but nothing came of this either. Got a new battery for good measure but no justice there either. As recently as today I had the Fuel Pump replaced (costly) and I’m still getting the same problem.

At this point I’m baffled and running out of money to put into the car. I wish I could just pinpoint what it is so that I can have her running as she should. Please, Please, Please help me by pointing me in the direction of what could be causing such a headache. I really appreciate it in advance.


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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June, 4, 2011 AT 3:06 AM

Is it a three speed transmission with lockup, or a four speed overdrive. If it is a three speed, it is quite possible that the tcc solenoid is faulty and keeping the converter clutch applied. You may also try disconnecting the connector at the transaxle and seeing if the symptom is still present. You may get a check engine light by doing this, but if you do not have the same symptoms you are on the right track. It will prevent the solenoid from energizing, and therefore prevent it from sticking. Replacing the solenoid will correct the problem, if it is determined failing.



June, 4, 2011 AT 2:23 PM

Thanks so much for the guidance and I will go ahead and try that. This particular celebrity has a three speed transmission so by default it would have the lockup. Can you tell me where exactly on the trans will I find this connector and what it would look like. So this way I don't make the mistake of pulling out something I shouldn't

I should probably also mention that despite getting all that the other stuff changed I have yet to change the fuel filter. Could the problem lie there? Either way I'm going to get that changed as well just to eliminate another possibility.

If it would be helpful for the sake of identification I could take a pic of under the hood and post it. Just let me know!



June, 5, 2011 AT 4:58 AM

It should be one of the only connectors on the transmission, viewed from the front of the engine compartment where the transmission bellhousing is. It shows to only have two wires, tan/black and purple. I would replace the fuel filter if you haven't, although I think it would not be causing this type of symptom.



June, 10, 2011 AT 1:05 PM

Thanks so much found it just where you mentioned and I've disconnected it!

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