1986 Toyota Pickup



November, 3, 2011 AT 3:00 AM

Have a 1986 Toyota PU, 22RE engine, 5speed manual trans, 120K miles. Just started to notice a "whole car"vibration when going up a small grade. Next time I drove it, the vibration started on level surface while under acceleration. Vibration stops when release the accelerator pedal. Thought of drive shaft or U joints, but wouldn't the vibration continue even without any load? Doesn't seem to be tire or shock related, but more like driveline. Would the transmission or clutch make a vibration under circumstances like that? Also noticed the exhaust system rattling noticeably, but can't tell if it is from the vibration or excesive exhaust pressure. It does rattle when moved by hand, so I would think the vibration.

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November, 3, 2011 AT 3:07 AM

It could be a u-joint, so check that. Also, loose catalytic converter internals can cause power loss and a missfire. As far as the clutch, it will most likely cause a chatter.



September, 10, 2012 AT 4:31 AM

Ya ive been experiencing that exact same problem on the same truck. As soon as I get acclerated to around 30mph sometimes less it starts oto make a very intense vibrating/rumbling and I can feel it coming from under the front of the truck so im fairly certain its a drivetrain issue. If any one can provide some more insight thatd be awesome

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