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July, 22, 2011 AT 5:55 AM

We just got our 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer back from the mechanic. They removed and replaced timing cover, thermal fan clutch, several belts, repaired the transmission lines, removed and replaced main bearing oil seal, the oil pressure sender, new air conditioning, etc etc. We drove around to run a few errands, not super far at all. About 10 minutes after we got home we heard a loud "gush" and steam was coming out from under the Jeep and hood. It did not smell, but we saw what looked like oil under the car, and a bit of antifreeze under the hood. We were able to start it no problem and pulled it into the garage. Once it cooled we looked at all the fluids. Oil looked fine, if not a little full. Radiator had fluid as well. And the antifreeze was completely empty.
We don't know what could possibly be wrong. Blown engine? Radiator? Head Gasket? Could it be something the garage did? Or ignored?
Of coarse it's late, so I had to just call and leave them a message.
any advice?

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July, 22, 2011 AT 7:36 AM

The may not have bleed the cooing system and the engine has had a sever air lock, steam build up in the engine may have blown a hose, frill with coolant and run, look for any leaks, and get it back to the repairer.



July, 22, 2011 AT 12:33 PM

I agree on taking it back, one would tend to think that with that amount of work, there would be no leaks.

However on the other hand, something that was not included in this "Combo Deal" could be the/ a leak, and you, nor them knew about it to begin with. So it got no attention!

I do not understand how your radiator could be FULL and your antifreeze be EMPTY? Unless you mean your overflow reservoir is Empty?

Did you observe the OIL PRESSURE GAUGE and TEMPERATURE GAUGE while driving? Did they work? Were they normal?

Like mhpautos said, extreme pressure may have blown a hose etc. After the engine was off!

So if you are gonna drive it, I recommend you fire it up in the Driveway and as it climbs towards normal operating temp. Watch for leaks. Abnormalities. Watch them gauges religiously!

Should any occur, shut it off and do not drive it!

Nothing like something simple and EZ to repair, turn into something major, like ruined heads, blown head gasket. MEGA $$$, because you are are upset with the mechanic

In the end, you are responsible for the well being of your vehicle, while it's under your "Watch"

If you went to the Doctor, he gave you pills for a headache. They seemed not to work, you became worse off. Now extremely dizzy. In so much, that you could barely stand. Would you jump on your $20,000 motorcycle and head for the Dr.'S office, just to prove a point?

Be concerned when you talk to Mr. Mechanic, not belligerent, he will probably be more than willing to help. And remember things may have happened due to something else working better, and this may not be his fault. Don't burn your bridges. And be careful and cautious getting there!

My own little proverb is, "Nobody else cares about my stuff, as much as I do"

The Medic

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