Stored for at least 13 years

  • 1985 JAGUAR XJS
  • 70,000 MILES
XJS HE V-12 - Cheapest way to go about getting the engine running without causing damage I was recently gifted an XJS HE V-12, that was stored in an enclosed bay. The last inspection sticker was 1998 so I assume that is the last year it was driven.

When I took it from storage to my garage the drivers side window was down about 4 inches, I installed a battery and turned the key on and all the lights came on and the window rolled up which was encouraging. I want to try and get the engine running by myslef but I have been given so much advice as to how. What is the cheapest, most effective way to get the engine ready to crank to prevent any damage? Ie. Replace any and all fluids and filters?

Drain gas tank and replace fuel filter, remove spark plugs and add a little marvel oil to pre -lubricate and then try to turn the engine over manually with the fly wheel? If this iis accomplished, remove distributor wire and turn engine over until pressure has built up then replace wire and see if it will start? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. The body is in MINT condition and will only require a paint job as there is some oxidization.
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 AT 10:14 PM

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Pull the spark plugs and make a mixture of diesel and petrol 50/50 squirt a good amount into each cylinder and let sit for a day or so, this will penetrate down and help free up any stuck rings, you will then have to try and turn the engine over by hand as using the stater at this stage may still break a ring, slowly turn engine it will be firm but it should start to turn with the engine moving add oil to cylinders and crank in short bursts 5 sec at a time this will oil up the rings again, drain all fluids and replace all filters, the fuel system may be a problem as injectors may be gummed up, try a start, the real problem is engine transmission and brake seals, they will dry out and often will leak after a long lay up with out running, as running dose allow oil to keep all seals soft and pliable.
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 AT 10:26 PM

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