1984 Mercedes Benz 380sl



June, 14, 2012 AT 12:45 PM

How do I remove the dash? I need to refinish it, so everything must come off.
Can I get a smaller OEM steering wheel? The original is the size of a bus wheel!
This is the convertible coupe. What is the body part into which the convertible top sets on the windshield? (The chrome piece)and what is the body part on which that chrome piece rests (has the interior lights in it)
Asking all of this because I have water coming in somewhere, suspect it is there, but hard to ask about when you don't know the name of what you're talking about.


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June, 14, 2012 AT 2:00 PM

Get some pictures and post them here. That would be the easiest way to understand what you are refering to and provide you with the correct name for it.



June, 14, 2012 AT 11:53 PM

First picture shows the chrome piece with the holes (and newly purchased rings) that receive the convertible top's lockdowns. What is this piece called? Since it is a single piece with no screws is it removed by simply prying up?
Second picture is inside the car looking at the top of the windshield. This piece splits at the rearview, each side has 1 screw holding the visor arm and 1 screw which I imagine is just to hold the entire piece on. Each side also has a light which you can't see because I removed them and taped the ends of the wiring because this is the piece that I am getting water out of. Then covered the holes with duct tape. I don't think I need to replace these pieces, but I do need to be able to take them off to see what kind of damage has happened from water getting in there (and possibly see WHERE the water is coming in) As stated earlier, I just purchased those rings you see in the holes for the roof and that may have been the issue all along. I purchased this vehicle about 6 months ago, unaware of the water issue, the rings were not there I just discovered them laboring through autoparts sites. It's a great car but I need to make sure I have these problems addressed before undertaking interior restoration.



July, 28, 2012 AT 6:31 PM

Photo #1: Windshield upper trim or topcap. Yes, I believe it is simply clipped in.

#2: Windshield upper interior trim, or something like that.

As for removing the dash, I would highly recommend spending the $20 at an Autozone or similar and getting the Chilton's or Haynes manual, because this is too much of an in=depth procedure to easily describe here.

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