I just put a lift in a 84 dord Ranger and now my.

  • 1984 FORD RANGER
  • 20,005 MILES
I just put a lift in a 84 dord ranger and now my front tires r tilted and the tires squeel when I drive it how can I fix it
Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 8:08 AM

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Put it back where it belongs. You already have the world's worst truck for tire wear due to the design of the twin I-beam suspension. You will see that by simply jacking up the front end with a floor jack will make the wheels tip way out on top. That's what happens to the tires as the vehicle goes up and down over bumps.

Suspension and alignment mechanics put a great deal of effort in measuring and correcting ride height problems. They would never alter the ride height from what is listed in the specification books. Any alignment shop can show you the places to measure your ride height on the front and rear and what those measurements should be. The front measurements will drop as the coil springs sag with age. That alone will greatly accelerate tire wear. The fix is to replace the springs. Ride height is much more critical on Rangers and Bronco IIs than any other car or truck.
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Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 11:20 AM

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