How much to fix tie rods ends on a 1979 Grand Prix

  • 1979 PONTIAC 1000
  • 400,000 MILES
Fron t end is squeaking and you can take a nd move the tie rods and sway bars
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There's four tie rod ends on rear-wheel-drive cars. Each one will cost somewhere around $30.00 to $45.00 and take about 15 minutes each to replace. Many mechanics save a great deal of time, and expense for you, by also replacing the adjuster sleeves between the inners and outers. That eliminates fighting to get rusted parts apart and back together. The small additional cost of the sleeves means all of the tie rod ends can be replaced in as little as a total of five minutes. The car must be aligned when any steering parts are replaced. That can take another hour although many shops have a set price for an alignment regardless of how long it actually takes.

Tie rod ends rarely squeak. Worn ball joints, usually the lower "load-carrying" joints, cause squeaks and clunks. Anti-sway bar links and bushings typically cause metallic rattles. The outer links are very inexpensive, typically around 20 bucks for a kit with everything needed to replace the pair of them. An experienced mechanic can replace the pair in about 15 minutes. Younger mechanics with fewer tools and less experience might take half an hour to replace the pair of links.

GM also has some trouble with control arm bushings. They can squeak, but more commonly they cause clunks and intermittent pulling to one side or a pull to one side while braking. Improper installation procedures will lead to real early failure of the new bushings. That often happens when do-it-yourselfers install them.
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