1976 Jeep CJ5


Don Robb

March, 17, 2011 AT 1:41 PM

I'm rebuilding a cj5 up from scractch basically and need to know what size the gas line is. I have four choices, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8. Do you know which size I need to go with?

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March, 18, 2011 AT 2:07 AM

5/16 To the filter and on to carb, 1/4 to return to tank (necessary). I can help you with almost anything you need! I crusade here, to help CJ fellers all I can (I am one) Keep on askin' below!---The Medic



March, 18, 2011 AT 4:08 AM

As you can see above, I have added a Holley 390 and a "Offy" 4 barrel intake (many, many, cool modifications, to make Him more "User-Friendly" (I share these, let me know if you want to see them). I have not really changed the original fuel system, just rerouted stuff to make things a little neater. I did use 5/16 line on my return, just squeezed it down on the Fuel filters 1/4" port. The filter should be oriented with the return port UP. I also added a inline regulator and a "Little Bitty Fuel Pressure Gauge", on the way to the carb. I have eliminated the charcoal canister, and a lot of unnecessary vacuum crap (we are not emissions tested in my area). You will see the green hose, black hose and Fuel Filter that goes nowhere, on my firewall. It is my fuel tank vent (went to the canister, cannot plug it off, it must breathe), filter is to keep the Dirt Daubers out! I assume you still have the original carb, Which one, 1 bbl or 2 bbl BBD? I have many pics, mostly the BBD carb, and lots of other stuff too. What is your overall game plan to get Him fixed up they way you want him? The 1st Jeep above is my '46 Willys "WILLY", the other is my '77 CJ 5 258 "MR. JEEP". No "Sissy" Names for a "Real Manly Vehicle"---I like MEGA DETAIL, and pics are a Big Plus too! You can also explore the CJ5 and CJ7 Forums, I have answered a lot, for the last 2 years, mega info in them too. Your Turn---The Medic

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