Running rich 360 V8

  • 1976 CHRYSLER 300
  • V8
Please can you help I have a crysler 360 supr bee 3 v8 marine engine I brought as a new short block. Ever since we had it installed it has run rich real rich virtualy dumping raw gas & when it is cruisn it sucks gas bad but when you run it hard out it runs very economical, when you drop to idle it floods it self & dies, then being hard to start, I brought a new 750cfm edlebrock marine carb for this engine so we thought it was to big so I then rebuilt the original afd carter carb & still no change, we rebuilt distributor new coil, rechecked timing still no good ran well but sucked gas & died @ idle but would run, we found inlet manifold leak so put new gasket in, then got worse still ran real rich, but now coughs & splutters when you put throttle down & doesnt come right till you drop back to idle & ticks along ok but can still feel light rumble through floor while idling along. Am looking forward to some help cheers raymond
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 AT 8:36 AM

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If this is a marine engine in a car the cams are different. You mayhave ot bump the timing up a little and turn the idle up more so it won't load up. You might check the float level in the carb or it may have some dirt in needle and seat. Try revving motor with choke partly closed to pull more fuel through needle and seat. Then take out air screws at base of carb and squirt choke cleaer through it. Reinstall screws butlightly seat them. Then back screws out 1 and ahalf turns. After car starts adjust screws one at a time for highest vacuum or rpm. Also if this has an elelctric choke, see if the heating element is to close tothe spring, it should be about a 1/4" away and that should help on cold starts. Otherwise have a professional look at it.
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 AT 3:30 PM

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