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November, 15, 2010 AT 5:02 PM

When I bought my 73 CJ5 the wiring was a homemade mess. I bought the Painless wiring harness and am in the process of installing it (it hasn't been painless). I had to buy a new alternator and voltage regulator. My problem is there is no instruction or diagram on how to wire the voltage regulator to the alternator and harness. The regulator has a black, orange, green and yellow wire coming out of it, but I have no idea where each wire goes. Any suggestions?


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November, 16, 2010 AT 2:43 AM

The Medic is here, I will be trying to explain alternator and regulator connections. Using 2 different manuals, which I found it necessary to reverse my Binoculars to use them like a microscope in order to read your diagrams.

This in itself, is enough to make you want to get a '76 on up Jeep, their diagrams are much EZer to see. And this CRAPPY LITTLE BOX, I NOW HAVE TO WRITE IN PIZZES ME OFF TO NO END. I really need to see my info and EDIT IT TOO, but somehow they took that away too! SO BE PREPARED FOR A CRAPPILY STRUCTURED ANSWER (I'm SORRY, did I say all that to my Favorite Site?)

Should we get cut off, I will RE-CONTINUE, I promise!


OK, We are looking at the REAR of the Alternator, the "EARS" or bolt holes are at "6" and "12" O'clock, but wait, we got a little SQUARE PORTION on the back, its closer to "12" O'clock. And now I have 2 terminals, left of center on the bottom half of the alternator. One Terminal is above the other. BACK TO THE SQUARE DEALEE-In the diagram I have 2 little-bitty rectangles in it--the one closest to center runs hoizontal and the other is slightly right and runs vertical. ARE YOU ORIENTED THIS WAY?

I will now explain the REGULATOR, EZ, Rectangle with wires coming out of the left side

Remember this is a Drawing---It has taken me 2 hours to get this point and this DAMMMMM BOX keeps changing on me. I am going to see if "Zone" or "Advance" Parts store on line has a good pic of this so I might explain the wires' initiation and terminations

I will start with an ez one so that you know I am seriously trying to help.

D-55 is a wire starting at BL Terminal of the alternator and ending on the Solenoid. It attaches to the same post as POS BATT CABLE. It is 10 Gauge (sorta fat) and Color is yellow. I have a Conflict with the manuals. One shows it as I described, the other shows a D-56 on the Solenoid end (This might be a fusible link, on the line, but I have not seen it mentioned thus far, I just do not know)

I'm gonna leave you for awhile, the answer box is going crazy, I need to do a little research on the remaining 6 wires that are associated with the REG and ALT.I know you want fast answers. But I must protect my reputation and not FRY your Jeep. Please give him a hug for me, I will go to find a Real PIC of your REG. I will also, consult my Computer Programming sister about how to use this new system.I cut my teeth on the "OLD SITE" and its about all the CYBER CRAP I understand, did this 1-1/2 years ago while laid up w/broken foot w/ complications.


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November, 16, 2010 AT 5:43 AM

OK Jeep feller,

I've run into a snag

I have found 2 different V.R.S, one has 3 wires the other 4, My manuals show 4.

Next snag, The connectors on both show that they piggy-back each other, and my manuals do not show that.

I will give you locations on the Alternator, Color, Gauge, and PURPOSE of each. Without the Jeep's Harness' End Connector I am sorta stuck.I'm sure If I had a lot more time, I could maybe figger out the positions.A lot of times, I find someone with a similar rig, ask if I could follow some wires and make notes.

Here's what I got thus far, Remember, this is 4 wires lying flat (no piggy-backing)As if this were a flat connector: REG. Wires come out of left side (assuming that I am viewing this from the exposed top side)

Here Goes: D-6 comes from TL of REG.---TO---Left bottom terminal of ALT. (Above the one that goes to the solenoid).D-6 is Grey, 18 Gauge

On the same terminal on the ALT.A wire travels to the Cluster (instrument)It appears to be Grey and 18 gauge also.

The next is D-44, it is the 2nd down (middle-top)on the REG---TO---ALT."The Square", Left (horizontal) Terminal (manual labels it "F" [manual labels both ends of wire REG end and ALT end---"Field"])It is Green with a White Tracer, 18 Gauge

The Next is D-43, 3rd down (middle bottom) on REG ---TO---ALT."The Square", Right side, vertical terminal, labeled "G" [manual labels the wire: REG end and ALT end---"Ground"]Wire is BLACK, 16 Gauge

The Final wire is D-40 it is the Bottom left wire on the REG--TO--"I" Terminal on the SOLENOID, this wire is Yellow, 16 Gauge

"I" terminal "ONLY" has FULL BATT VOLTAGE while CRANKING, then it dies, It also provides momentary full BATT voltage to the coil while cranking, when the Key is released, the coil reverts back to reduced (resistance wire) voltage supplied by KEY ON. I AM ASSUMING THEY USE "I" TO EXCITE THE FIELD. JUST A GUESS!

Thats it so far. Questions for you now!

I have not dealt with a "PAINFUL WIRE HARNESS"

No Instructions?

Do they have connectors on the wires, or must you install them too?

I believe the orange is the one I did not have, I really do not know if your colors correspond with the ones in my manuals.

Here's another Idea, now that you have a few definitions to where these go, AUTOZONE and ADVANCE AUTO test these puppies.

Their little "HOOK-UP" Book may define which is Field and which is Ground ETC. On the REG. Worth a try?

How may I confuse you more? I will hang with you!

Just to be able to search for this post in the future, I will give it the ole NELSOMATIC seal! I sometimes do that so I do not have to re-write stuff, I can just link someone to it.

Your Turn

The Medic



November, 16, 2010 AT 5:09 PM

First of all, thank you for all of your hard work. I am amazed at how dedicated you are to my problem.

Painful sent instructions that are detailed in some areas and vague in others.
I do have a diagram of the wires comming from the fuse block and to and from the alternator but they go into the four prong block that comes out of the voltage regulator (VR727) which is not marked. The painful harness only has wires(that are well marked) comming out of the fuse block. The kit came with a box of assorted fasteners but nothing specific for the voltage regulator.

Thank you again for your time and knowledge.



November, 16, 2010 AT 10:45 PM

Did the "HOOK-UP BOOK" AT Autozone or Advance Auto give you any info. Also Maybe they could look in the COUNTER BOOKS (manufacturer) Could be spelled out there also.

Maybe change over to FORD. Connectors available at parts store and Salvage Yard

Interested in my mods? See instructions when you click on my name.

The Medic

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