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June, 5, 2011 AT 4:06 PM

I have a 70' F-250 3/4 ton with a big block 360, 3 speed auto, 2 wd - had an Edelbrock 750 performer on it when I bought it - obviously WAY too big - I put an Edelbrock Performer aluminum manifold on it and have never been able to get it to run right-I've gotten rid of the 750 and replaced it with a Motorcraft 4300 - 600cfm, what should I use for linkage as the way its set now won't work -


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June, 5, 2011 AT 6:28 PM

Actually the 360 mostly came with a two barrel carb, not a 4 barrel. If you have the original linkage though it should work without to many problems. I don'thave a picture of it but it was pretty complicated as partof it bolted to the intake and not sure that the edelbrock has the holes for it to install it. I do have a 76 manual in thehouse here so I can look and see if there is a picture of thelinkage. You will need one to go to the trans as well as youneed to upgrade the throttle pressure as you give it more fuel. Best thing wold be to look at another 89-71 truck if you can find one or one of the ford parts books like LMC as they may have that available. Of course I don't know how exspensive it will be. If you send me an answer with your email I can look in my Ford manual and see if there are any pictures then take a shot with digital and send it on to you.



June, 6, 2011 AT 12:20 PM

Somehow I didnt get your reply that you sent, it went to medevac instead. There are linkages available at hot rod shops that have heim joints on them and come in diffferent lengths so that you acnadjust the linkage infinitely You may need to do that ifbut I don't knwo what hte exspense will be. I really don't think your mileage will be affected much either as the 360with a two barrel was never really a mileage champ. Most important thing here will be to get the trans linkage set up so it will shift properly. Also you migh tsee if you can rig a cable hook up to your carb as it might be cheaper and look cleaner. Looks like you'll need some adaptation.

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