1965 Ford Mustang


Aurelia Marple

October, 5, 2013 AT 8:51 PM

Replacing the freeze plugs in the back of the head. How do I properly get the old ones out and put in new freeze plugs? This car has a straight six with a 170 three speed engine. It was my Dads car and I want to make sure I do it correctly without ruining anything. I'm not very mechanical and I'm on a very limited budget which is why I trying to do it myself.


1 Answer



October, 5, 2013 AT 8:59 PM

The old freeze plug can just be pried out using a screw driver. However, if there is limited space, then installing a new one can be difficult. If that is the case, I recommend that you purchase a freeze plug that is both rubber and steel. The rubber end goes into the opening and then you tighten a bolt on the steel side that causes the plug to expand into the opening. If you use the standard type of freeze plug, you will need to tap it in place with a hammer. It can be difficult if there is limited space.

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