The year of the car is proposed to be 1924 and is hand built.

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I bought a project car, a track roadster with a Ford 4 cylinder motor stamped on the block #E898-6015-AD. The transmission is a C3 with a 4 bolt torque converter. We installed a 4 bolt flex plate. Here's the problem, the project came with a mustang II starter which when installed, the bendix engages in the fly wheel even before the starter starts. Based on the motor (is from what car?) What should the starter be and what is the proper flex plate to use?
Thank tyou, Stephen

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Friday, June 29th, 2012 AT 6:29 PM

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Stephen, if the bendix is engaging (all the time?), There is an electrical issue. Does the starter work? Is the solenoid one that is mounted on the inner fender or some location other than on the starter?

Have you called a Ford dealer with the engine number to see if they could identify it? It could be out of anything.

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