How to Retrieve Honda Codes OBD1 and Definitions

Cars made by Honda between years 1990 and 1995 are equipped with the OBD1 computer operating system. If a check engine light is observed, one or more diagnostic trouble codes have been stored on the computer's memory. A diagnostic two terminal blue connector is used to trigger the code display mode which is located on the passenger's side, under dash, near the lower kick panel. Use a jumper wire to connect the two electrical terminals together to initiate the code sequence after the ignition key has been turned to the "ON" position (do not start engine).

Codes are presented by the number of flashes the check engine light produces. The first digit of the code will be defined by long check engine light blinks followed by short blinks as the second number. If there are only long blinks the code is single digit.

For example if the check engine light blinks four long blinks and one short blink the code is 41. To restart the code gathering sequence turn the ignition key "OFF" and then "ON" again. To clear codes after the repair has been made, disconnect the negative battery terminal for thirty seconds and reconnect.

Honda OBD1 Code Table

Code 0 and 11 Electronic Control Module (ECM) Computer

Code 1 Heated oxygen sensor A

Code 2 Oxygen content B

Code 3 and 5 Manifold Absolute Pressure

Code 4 Crank position sensor

Code 6 Engine coolant temperature

Code 7 Throttle position sensor

Code 8 Top dead center sensor

Code 9 No.1 cylinder position sensor

Code 10 Intake air temperature sensor

Code 12 Exhaust re-circulation system

Code 13 Barometric pressure sensor

Code 14 Idle air control valve or bad ECM

Code 15 Ignition output signal

Code 16 Fuel Injector

Code 17 Vehicle speed sensor

Code 19 A/T lock-up control solenoid

Code 20 Electric load detector

Code 21 V-TEC control solenoid

Code 22 V-TEC pressure solenoid

Code 23 Knock sensor

Code 30 A/T FI signal A

Code 30 A/T FI signal B

Code 41 Heated oxygen sensor heater

Code 43 Fuel supply system

Code 45 Fuel supply metering

Code 48 Heated oxygen sensor

Code 61 Front heated oxygen sensor

Code 63 Rear heated oxygen sensor

Code 65 Rear heated oxygen sensor heater

Code 67 Catalytic converter system

Code 70 Automatic trans-axle

Code 71 Misfire detected cylinder 1

Code 72 Misfire detected cylinder 2

Code 73 Misfire detected cylinder 3

Code 74 Misfire detected cylinder 4

Code 75 Misfire detected cylinder 5

Code 76 Misfire detected cylinder 6

Code 80 Exhaust re-circulation system

Code 86 Coolant temperature

Code 92 Evaporate emission control system


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