1990 Volkswagen Van

Engine Performance problem
1990 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 94000 miles

I have this buzzing noise coming from what sounds like as the front underbelly of the van. I have also had some performance problems as of late having to do with some hesitation when the engine is not fully warmed up.
The van is great otherwise, getting about 19-21 mpg for the highway and 12-16 mpg when in the city.
Thanks for your assistanceKent
January 12, 2009.

You may need to lift and support the vehicle so that you can get under it to help ID what this is. Cant be too many things, the engine is at the other end. Not sure where it all is, but it should have cooling fans and possibly an ABS motor if so equipped

Jan 15, 2009.