1968 Volkswagen Van

Transmission problem
1968 Volkswagen Van 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 209000 miles

i hear a funny noise coming from my transmission which I didnt even notice until someone pointed it out me. It happens when I let the clutch out, its just like a loud click or a bump if you will. I never would think much of it, because it seems so insignificant to me, but he said I should get it checked out, and I was just wondering if it was worth worrying about.
May 10, 2010.

Hi there,

Will it only make the noise with the engine running, or can you hear it with the engine off as well?

Mark (mhpautos)

May 10, 2010.
Without it running press the clutch, see if you can pin point the click, check the clutch cable by the clutch release shaft, over the years have seen the cables stick {lack of lube and old age} and make a clicking sound when the clutch pedal is pushed down.

May 26, 2010.