2005 Toyota Other

Engine Performance problem
2005 Other Toyota Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 86345 miles

I have a Scion XB. Out of the blue I began having hard start problems. By that I mean that I went from 4 or 5 revolutions to start to 6 or 7 seconds. There have never been any codes current or pending. It has always run flawlessly, and maintained meticulously.
I have done the following or the following conditions exist: battery is always fine, engine turns over the same whether it starts fine or doesn't. If I suspect a problem and turn off and try to restart, it starts fine the second time. I have, out of sheer frustration, changed the cam and crank position sensors, cleaned the MAF sensor with the proper cleaner, swapped the c/opn relay, efi relay, and checked the start relay contacts and operation. I have re-seated the four ecu plugs. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and filters. I even changed the plugs and insulated the metal fuel line which runs beside the block, even though this problem happens as much cold as hot.
Should I consider getting a fuel pressure gauge or another ecu(used, but warrantied) from Ebay. I'm just about to pull out my hair, but I haven't that much to spare.
I will most certainly pay for the proper advice. Thanks.
September 7, 2009.

Maybe dirty fuel injectors and carbon build up on intake valves. Try some Techron fuel system cleaner

Sep 7, 2009.
Thanks, Doc. I put a container of it in this afternoon. We'll see what happens. I was considering pulling the injectors and cleaning them in my ultrasonic cleaner. I'll give the Techron a chance first, though.

Sep 7, 2009.
If the Techron shows some improvement conseder a product SEAFOAM it will clean injectors and decarbon engine.

Sep 8, 2009.