1994 Toyota Camry

My car is leaking oil. When I drive, and turn on my heating, I can smell a little bit of burning oil (a little stronger smell when i'm going slower, or am slowing down.) I usually takes about 15mins for the smell to start, and doesn't happen all the time.

The oil leak is on the front right passenger side. I took the car to a local mechanic, and was told 1) replace cam seal and crank seal 2) replace rocker cover gasket and 3) replace oil pan gasket. Seems to me like that's a little excesive, and they don't know exactly what's wrong. Any idea on how I can find out what needs to be done? Any way I can do the repairs myself? Any quick fixes (ie. Oil sealant). I really don't drive the car too much, maybe 500km per month.

April 12, 2006.

The best way to find an oil leak is wash the engine when the car is cold. Run it a bit and see where the oil leak eminates.

All Camrys, but especially four-cylinders, can have a problem with engine sludge. Check the V6 for head gasket leaks. Check four-cylinders for oil leaks at the O-ring of the distributor. Check coolant levels and watch for leaks.

Let me know

Apr 12, 2006.