2000 Toyota 4Runner

Brakes problem
2000 Toyota 4Runner 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

My 2000 Toyota 4runner has a severe vibration when braking at higher speeds. Lets say 45 mph or higher. I just replaced the front brake rotors and pads in Dec. 2007. The rotors, that I replaced myself, were new and are medium OEM quality. I looked at the rotors and pads and no warping or unusual wear is occurring. Could this be a brake booster or some other related problem? Shocks are fine. No vibration is felt during normal driving. Only when I brake do I get the vibration. My steering wheel shakes and the brake petal has good back pressure. The tires have been rebalanced and are not contributing. Please help.
June 3, 2008.

NO! It is rotor or front bearing related, re inspect! The only test for rotors is a runount gauge.

Jun 3, 2008.
Thanks I will recheck. Maybe even try and replace the rotors or get them turned. I will reply for the final problem fix.

Jun 4, 2008.