2006 Suzuki Aerio

Brakes problem
2006 Suzuki Aerio 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 23000 miles

We replaced the rear shoes on my 2006 suzuki aerio and we cant figer out how to adjust them to become tighter. We were wondering if you knew?
It doesnt have a star wheel and there is noway to adjust it from the outside that we can find. Any suggestions?
April 4, 2010.

There is no adjuster !

Remove back plate plug (1) attached to the back side of brake back plate so as to increase clearance between brake shoe and brake drum.
Insert a screwdriver into plug hole till its tip contacts shoe hold down spring and push screwdriver in the arrow direction.
With this push, hold down spring is pushed up and releases parking shoe lever from hold down spring, resulting in larger clearance

Dave H
May 30, 2010.