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I have a 2000 Subaru Legacy Outback GT, 4 cyl, 2.5 L with 151K miles. I just bought it used. I immediately had to replace both front and rear CV joints as well as the oil pan and oil pan gasket. Immediately upon driving the vehicle following the repair, the car began to vibrate and idle rough when in gear at a stop light. It is smooth when driving or when in P or N. In R or D it vibrates and is rough. Also when going up our gravel drive and have the gear in drive and not on the gas, it does not vibrate. Only when stopped for any reason and idling in gear. Could this be from a faulty repair or defective parts used? The timing on this happening seems odd since it was following the repair. It ran great before the repair. The vibration is significant and not something you would ever become accustomed to. What are your thoughts?
April 7, 2007.

What is typical is a plug well seal failing and coating an ignition wire with oil causing a misfire but you would notice this more at other speeds as well. Another thought is the motor mount nuts have to removed and the engine raised up to get the oil pan out, it is pssible that the engine wasnt properly set back in the cross member or just the act of disturbing it has caused the vibration and this is what I would suspect based on the fact that it started after the repairs. The fix would be to try and realign the motor in the cross member which may also require loosening the transmission to crossmember mounting nuts as well to get the engine and transmission to " Relax".
I hope that helps

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Apr 9, 2007.
My suggestion is to run 2 lots of subaru upper engine cleaner through car as I did this to mine & it solved the problems it runs smooth as now!

Its only around $20 new zealand dollars a can

Jul 15, 2007.
I had a similar problem on a toyota

but sometimes its because the if the axles not put back into the trans properly
I don; t know if you had to remove it to do tohose repairs


Jul 23, 2007.