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I'm attempting to prevent my wife's Subaru experience from being a repeat of her '98 Volvo 850 reliability nightmare. After warranty replacement of Baruby's (HER nickname) catalytic converter @ 50K and the driver's side head gaskets @ 55K (ONLY internal leaking per dlrshp SM) I decided to do major research on upcoming repairs/PM and address them before the pwrtrn warranty expires @ 60K. Midway through the HG repair ( 6 wks ago just in for an oil+filt) the SM called to say that they needed more time because. This guy was very " Aren't we such a nice Svc Dept. Catching this before 60k?&Quot; I immediately asked whether I should then, while everything was apart, replace the T-belt, H2O pump, T-stat etc? &Quot; Oh, no" was the quick response with 105K stated as the scheduled date, per SOA, the H2O pump getting a ". There's not even a mileage for THOSE!&Quot; cheery faux sincerity followup. Without anything but a suspicion I let them " close up" the Wifermobile. AFTER the research, I met w/SM to " discuss maintenance.&Quot; When asked why the dealer Repair Log did not mention inspecting the Camshaft Drive Belt, I got the same cheery-in-a-jiffy, " Because we don't" My why not got an equally quick, " Because I've never seen them break before 105K" to be continued. Public access computer. Closing : cas_h02066
September 10, 2007.

I'm not sure if there is a question here, but I'd be pretty happy getting the headgaskets done free. That is an expensive job that will happen on those 2.5s. He did you a favor to me.

Thank you for your response and intuition, but as you imagined. There IS a question! I finally got to conclude the story with several questions on Sunday 16 Sept @18: 21. I look forward to anyone's knowledgeable reply. I've spent a couple dozen hours doing online Subaru repair/reliability research, so that my queries amounted to more than " Uh, oh. Help!&Quot; My message was cut short by the shutting down of the computers in the Public Library where I was. Again, thanks. I look forward to your input. Cas_h02066

Sep 19, 2007.