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I have a 01 outback wagon with the H6 (6cyl) automatic with almost 90k miles. I purchased on ebay w/83k miles so I dont know the service history other than no accidents and clear title.
My a/c was very intermittant this last summer.
I took it to a shop to evacuate the 134a I took it home and then connected to a vacuum pump and it held the vacuum for 20 min. I put approx 24oz of 134a back into the system and noticed that the compressor clutch engauged for about 5 seconds and wont re-engauge. My low and high side readings are equal at approx 75 psi (which I think is normal when the compressor is not cycling) My feelings are that it could possibly be the press cycling switch located in the reciever dryer but I am not sure. Just would like all options before I evac and recharge again.
NOTE: I took it to a small shop and with out asking me, the mechanic ran a jumper wire from the pressure cycling switch to the compressor. When I got the car back my a/c was cold and seemed to work great. What I found later was that the compressor was running all the time. I took it back 2 days later and they repaired the wires and refunded my money. When I picked up the car after many apologies they said they thought it was a faulty expansion valve. I purchased a exp valve from subaru and installed it and just did the evac and recharge that this letter started with.
January 20, 2007.

First check to see if there is power at the pressure switch when the system is truned on. If so jump the connector to see if the compressor comes on, if so replace the pressure switch.

2CarPros Ken
Jan 20, 2007.
The pressure switch has four wires, do you know which to jumper? The hot lead is the green and there is power to it, just not sure about which one to jump to. yellow, black or red

Jan 21, 2007.
There are many diffrent choices of cars, you need to follow the mictehll1 link at the bottom of the page to get the wiring diagram for you car.

2CarPros Ken
Jan 24, 2007.