1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Transmission problem
1994 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 65625 miles

Hi to all.
I am new here and I am from israel so sorry about the spelling mistake.
My problem is strange - After I drive with the car at least 40 minute/10-20 KM and come to a red traffic light and I need to slow down, at low speed my car start to vibration, the same like if you stop the car with manualy transmission at first gear integrated.
If I am not put the transmission handle to N the engine is turn off.
I can restart the engine at P or N and everything is O.K.
The second I shift to R or D/2/1 the engine is turn off.
If I wait half an hour everything is o.K until the next half hour afterward.
My garage mechanic person said that I need a new transmission and he do not know what is the problem.
i look at few forums in israel and few guys got the same problem without a solution.
Some guys said to me to disconnect the Torque sensor that come from the radiator side.

Can you help me?


January 31, 2010.

It sounds like the torque converter isn't disengaging. I don't think the trans needs replaced but rather a sensor or the converter.

Hi Jacobandnickolas.
Thanks to your replay.
Meanwhile I disconnect the Torque sensor that come from the radiator side & everything work fine until I take it to the garage.


Mar 9, 2010.