1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Jut bought this car and had to replace the starter right away as well as a relay suppling power to that starter as it was not giving enough voltage. My next Big problem is the transmission it at random times while the engine is warm it seems as I go to stop it will try and drag itself down and wanting to stall like I was not pushing in a clutch, but this car is an automatic it really feels like a torque converter issue, but hoping maybe someone knows if there is some electrical relay or solenoid or something that could be replaced or is common to go out that's causing this delema please if you might know about this problem send me a email with your comments @ rsfields49@hotmail. Com.
August 24, 2007.

It was a common problem on some of those 3 speed automatics. After the trans gets hot the torque converter solenoid sticks. You can remove the transmission sidecover and replace the torque converter clutch solenod. It comes with the solenoid and the harness. It is not very exspensive either as I recall.


Aug 24, 2007.