1994 Pontiac Sunbird • 2WD Manual •

The vibration has been there, for quite sometime. A friend, said I need a wheel- bearing. Took the wheel off and found out, that the wheel bearing nut was quite loose. So it was tidened. The vib. Is still there. So, I put on new balanced tire-4. Would the bearing now be worn out.
April 12, 2011.

Is there a humming noise also with the vibration? If so the one of the wheel bearings is probaly bad, A test I use to determine what bearing is bad is to put the car on a hoist, in neutral, spin the suspect tire(s) with one hand, while grasping the strut spring with other hand. A bad bearing you will feel the roughness in the spring as you turn the tire, a good bearing will spin smooth, generally with nothing felt in the spring.

Apr 12, 2011.
When you say humming, do you mean humming from the bearing or the tires it self? There's a bit of humming, very low sounding. The vib. & Chutter happens more at 60-65 km/hr, at 4th gear with a little excilration. I was thinking it maybe the rotors, because it chutters a bit with heavy braking. The rotors are chipped around the edges. The steering wheel shemmies just a little, no pull, maybe the alinment, I was thinking too. Thanks, Dale

Apr 14, 2011.