2001 Pontiac Montana

Engine Performance problem
2001 Pontiac Montana 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

ok so I got a few suggestions to fix the problem one was disconnect battery touch + and - cables together and then cycle key on for 30 seconds 2x's then try to start no luck on that one another was clean out IAC valve did that and replaced it because the IAC mount was able to move around in its base. So that worked for about 5 hours now the van is idled back up to 3000 rpms is there anything else that could cause this sensor to malfunction please help cant really afford to send to the shop and not really good at troubleshooting these sensor issues
October 17, 2010.

High idle is often related to an unmetered vacuum leak. Such as intake gasket for example.
Were there any codes in the pcm?

No there where no codes in the pcm as far as I can tell the mil light was not on I replaced the intake gaskets 2xs first time it did it I found crack in upper intake fixed that so no I found a small crack in the map sensor vacuum tube so far so good thanks for the help. Is there anyway you can explain an easy way too bleed the coolant system cant seem to make heat work but van doesnt overheat so im thinking theres a air pocket in the heater core how can I get it out

Oct 20, 2010.
I believe there is a bleeder on the top of the system. Raising the front end can help bleeding.

Make sure the system is full.

Make sure the thermostat is opening. Hopefully a heatercore is not plugged.