2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

Steering problem
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 129000 miles

Hey Guys I have a problem. About 6 months ago I replaced the passenger front strut bearing. Steering was perfect. After we replaced that, I took it for a ride and now I cant turn the car to the drivers side only, but it is not all the time. If I step on the gas it steers easy. The fluid in the resevoir is getting hot also no, I figure I have a blocked passege. But if I lift up the car on either side it doesnt do it. If it was the rack, wouldnt it do it all the time since its " bad". I have both outer tie rods brand new. One thing is that on the drivers side the lower control arm bushing on the front is below the control arm. Also I am getting a weird noise like a pressure being trapped or somethin. PLEASE HELP.
September 6, 2010.

To me it sounds like the rack and pinion. There are bushings that go bad in them causing this problem. When you lift the vehicle, it is easier to turn. As a result, there isn't enough pressure to place a bind in the bushing. I will say that when they go bad, usually they leak. However, the rubber boot usually will hold the PS fluid that leaks out.

I have no leaks and if it was bad wouldnt it be bad all the time.

Sep 6, 2010.
It would always be bad, but may not bind all the time.

I am also getting a noise, I thought I had a blocked passage, cause when it binds, I open the hood, and I hear a slight hiss coming from the P.S. Pump and the fluid gets hot. And im getting fluid outside the resevoir its always wet.

Sep 7, 2010.