1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I Have a 1995 Pontiac GrandAm 150,000miles I Had No Heat When I bought it I change the heatercore and the thermostat and I still am not gettin any heat and the blower motor for the heat is working but I still dont have heat and I cant figure out why Please Help
December 26, 2006.

If I understand you, you get volume of air from the vents but it is cold. Right?

If so, when the engine is hot, how hot are the hoses going into the heater core and coming out of the heater core? How hot is the radiator hose going into the radiator and coming out of the radiator? Also both hot? Or not?

Is the coolant mixture about 50/50? Where is the temp gauge reading? Is the coolant full? Did you bleed the air out of the system?

Yes I get volume of air flow but its only cold(no matter what setting its on)
Yes their hot but not to where I cant hold em
Yes the mixture is 50/50 the temp guage never goes past 130 or 140 no I didnt bleed the air out of the system, butim not sure how (can u tell me how?)THANX

Dec 27, 2006.
If you have a v6 I can help you There is a bleeder valvle on top of the water pump a 8mm wrench should do it. Just losen up and start it up and coolant should come out. On a 4 cylinder look for the same thing. Any small fitting coming from the coolant lines or thermostate housing . Good luck

Dec 28, 2006.
The thermostat shouldn't open until 195 degrees, I believe on that one. The engine wants to hog the heat until it is warmed up, then it lets you have some.
That coupled with the heater hoses not being very hot points to the t-stat to me. It is not uncommon to get a defective part that is new. If the system wasn't bled, it would create a hotter situation, not colder. Bobby71 did give you important info regardless. IS don't see it as the fix, but it's quick enough to do. : )

So what ur saying is even if I dont bleed the air out of the system I should still get heat?
And the engine dont get hot enough to open the t-stat. So what do you think would be stopping the engine from getting up to the right temp for the t-stat to open?Im a little confused

Dec 28, 2006.
: oops: For a service writer you think I would communicate better : )

I don't think bleeding the system is going to help you now. I would expect the engine to run hot if it needed bleeding. I was being respectful to bobby71 in the event that you bled the system and you got heat.

The theromostat remains closed until the car reaches 195 degrees. The coolant essentially only circulates throughout the motor until it is hot enough to relax a rich fuel mixture. When the stat opens, it will circulate into the heater core and the passenger compartment gets heat.

If the thermostat remains open when it is less than 195 degress, the cold coolant will circulate throughout the system and take a long time to get to temperature, this giving you lousy heat or none.

I am suspicious of a fualty new t-stat.
Sorry for the confusion!

How long do you let the car run and still get no heat when at idle?

I drive it for about 45 mins at a time(i use it to get to work)And when I get to my destination Still no sign of any heat at all.I will try a new t-stat and let u know. Thanx

Dec 29, 2006.
I don't want to send you down the wrong path. After 45 min, it should have some sign of heat, as in the t-stat is probably ok. My knowledge gets thin in some areas and I'm reaching that point on this. I need to do a little research to go further. Control unit in the dash malfunctioning?

Maybe one of the others here can take over, If not I can get back to this tues or wed.


IF the t-stat replacement did nothing, try backflushing the heater core.

Im not sure exactly how to backflush the heater core can anybody help

Jan 4, 2007.