1999 Plymouth Breeze

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1999 Plymouth Breeze 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 178000 miles

1999 Plymouth Breeze - Started vibrating at Hwy speeds. Took it in and replaced rear tires and rear driver side hub-bearing assembly and rebalanced front tires and front and rear motor mounts. Still vibrating - took it in and replaced front tires, front brake calipers, pads, and rotors. Still vibrates and is getting worse. Steering feels very unstable, although there doesn't seem to be a lot of play in the steering wheel.
July 22, 2009.

Have CV joints been checked out? Is vibration felt in steering wheel, floor, seat, dash, hood or fender? So no vibration at low speeds what speed does it happen? How are struts? Less than 50K miles?
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Jul 22, 2009.
The last time I took the car in, they said they checked everything, and blamed the vibration on the tires. New tires didn't fix the problem though. The vibration started at the steering wheel, but now shakes the whole car. I can even feel my foot vibrating on the gas pedal. The vibration starts at around 50 MPH. No vibration at lower speeds. It has also started to have shifting issues. The RPM will be noticeably higher than normal before shifting. Struts probably do need to be changed, but I'd rather hold off for now it that is not the problem. A long list of new parts and repairs is taking a toll on my wallet. Thanks for your help.

Jul 27, 2009.
Think problem is the transmission possible torque convertor or output bearing. In neutral if you bring engine up to 2000rpms any vibration? If no can you jack up front of car and place on jack stands. Run car in gear bring up rpms does it shake? If so then trans problem.

Jul 28, 2009.