1996 Oldsmobile Ciera

Electrical problem
1996 Oldsmobile Ciera 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 90,000 miles

for a week the engine would run for 30 min and then quit. It would restart right away. Now it starts and quits. I have replaced iac, crank sensor, computer, coil packs and module, now i'm lost. It seems to have prewssure in the fuel line at the schrader valve. I'm wondering if the fuel pump relay or ignition switch could be the problem.
July 18, 2010.

Has the check engine light come on? Also, have you checked fuel pump pressure?

Let me know.


No check engine light and 40lbs pressure on fuel pump. It's like the power just gets cut and everything dies. It will start right back up for a while then quit again.

Aug 1, 2010.
I hate to say it, but in this case what needs to be done is have a mechanic hook up a scanner that watches the engine while it is being run. My first guess is a MAP sensor, but without the check engine light, it becomes a guessing game. I don't want you to start throwing parts into it only to have the same problem. It could even be the crank sensor that is going bad. When they hook up the scanner, they can watch what the system is doing. They can actually freeze frame what the computer is telling the scanner at any given time.

Let me know what you find.