1987 Nissan Maxima

Engine Mechanical problem
1987 Nissan Maxima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Started 3 times in about 15 min few days ago, First time started right up, Second time it idled at 500RPM, Third time it idled 400rpm then died. Have Spark, Gas on plugs, apparently no vaccum. The only thing that sounds like vaccum is at the Fuel Press Reg.I assume that is gas building up, but you would think it would stop at a certain point. Don't know how accurate ECM is when car is not running but it said Idle Valveis bad. Checked circuit w/meter it was good, replaced anyway. Used known good ECM unit recheck Idle Valve circuit it still read as bad.(BY THE WAY CAR CRANKS BUT WON'T START)
September 21, 2010.

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Lets do below to determine if its fuel or spark problem and then get back with me with results so that I can continue to assist

do you have a bright blue spark when grounding one of the plug wires to the block during cranking?

Check for proper fuel pressure by using a fuel pressure gauge connected on the fuel rail.

Sep 21, 2010.
Got light colored from spark plug wire not blue. Plugged spark plug into into boot and spark from element accross to the end looked weak, how should it look. It appeared as if there was a lot gas on the end of spark plug, how should that look. How can I test fuel pressure if car won't start. It cranks, can I test it that way.I've only tested pressure when cars were idling. Sprayed Carb Fluid over engine and no sign of vaccum leak. If it can be tested will you give me an idea of what the pressure should be.

Sep 23, 2010.
It should be a snapping blue-test the coil for the fuel pressure -hook it up on the test port and turn key on. Should be 30psi

Sep 23, 2010.