1995 Nissan Altima

1995 Nissan Altima, mileage 145,212 my car would make this grumbling sound when the radio would come on near the trunk of the car, and now it won't start, and it just clicks when I turn the ignition on, what could this be?
February 11, 2007.

The sounds is probably a bad antennae motor. Which probably a non related issue. Make sure u have a good charge battery. Chk batterycable connects both at the battery and to the engine grd. If it still click and no start. Try jumping the smaller wire that goes to the starter solenoid direct from the positive batter terminal. If the starter won't turn. Then yank the the starter out and have it tested. Most liekly is ur starter.

Kin chan
Feb 17, 2007.
It was a battery cable that was bad, brought and put one on and now its all good but I really do appreciate your trying to help thankx!

Feb 19, 2007.