2006 Mitsubishi Outlander

Engine Mechanical problem
2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

My wife's outlander just died on her while she was driving without any warning and now it will not start. Please help me with this.

Some things I know:

1.) It is not the timing belt, I checked it and it is not broken.

2.) The fuel pump is working fine and gas is getting to the motor. I made sure by disconnecting the line where it enters the motor and turned it over a few times. (Plenty of gas.)

Please help me with this problem as there are no repair shops within three hours from me that know anything about Mitsubishi.


Chris R.
July 2, 2010.

I hope so about the half moon thing.

One thing that worried me about using that mark is the fact that after I put it all back together and put the timing case back on, I noticed a couple of things.

1. The timing case has a place where -10 to TDC is indicated but nothing that I could see on the pulley lines up with these marks.

2. The only type of marks on the pulley itself are three holes in a line on the edge of the pulley.

Now, when I used the half moon to align with the timing mark on the case, these three holes end up a few inches to the right of the TDC indicator on the timing case.

Why do you think would that be?


Jul 16, 2010.
The three holes are driled out for balancing and are not the timing mark.

There should be a cut mark on the pulley to match the cover markings as it is for checking the ignition timing.

If there is any cut marks and it is not aligning with the cover marks, the harmonic balancer is bad and the outer ring has moved away from the original position.

Jul 16, 2010.
Ok, I cleared ther codes replaced the camshaft position sensor with a new one and the vehicle still won't start. (The cranck is turning now.)

After charging the battery a little and trying to start the vehicle again, I ran another scan and I got the same two codes concerning the camshaft sensor again.

P0340 and P0340 p/d. Remember, I check out all the harnesses like I was supposted to with a volt meter.

Jul 16, 2010.
Did you recheck the timing belt installation?

I would not rule out the possibilities of the new sensor being defective. That has to be checked as well.

Jul 17, 2010.
It appears now that it is a timing issue.

I found a mark on the back of the cranckshaft pulley by running my finger around the rim slowly. It is such a tiny cut that this is the only way to find it.

I tore everything back apart and found that the correct timing mark is not the half moon mark on the cranckshaft sprocket at all, it is the hole that is drilled into the angle sensing plate behind the cranckshaft sprocket.

When I lined all the timing marks up this time, using the hole that is drilled through the angle sensing plate, the little notch on the back of the cranckshaft pulley is right on the TDC mark that is molded into the bottom timing case.

Now, this time when I tried to start the vehicle, it actually treid to start a little. I heard two kinda loud pops (kinda like it was backfireing on the old vehicles) but the engine would still not start.

I have been told that this sounds like it is 180 degrees out of time and that I need to be sure that the right piston is at TDC and then allign all the marks. Does this soud correct to you?


By the way, I have ran two more scans since making these changes and I am not getting any more codes.

Jul 19, 2010.
It could be possible to have the timing out by 180 degrees so get the crank pulley correct and then look at the camshaft timing mark.

Did you check the vlve clearances?

Jul 20, 2010.